How to Take Care of Your Dentures

Many people ask how they can make sure they are taking care of their dentures. It is a very important question and one that we will do our best to answer.

If you lost several teeth or suffered from gum disease, you may have partial or full dentures in your mouth. There is no shame in this fact. It is a reality for millions of people, and it ensures that your smile looks natural and as though you never lost any teeth.

Dentures can develop problems if they are not cared for in the best possible way. Below are some steps you can take to ensure you are not asking how to repair broken dentures north charleston every few months.

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It is vital to rinse your dentures after you are done eating. You do not necessarily have to take them out, which may be awkward if you are eating in a public setting.

What does help is taking a quick trip to the bathroom and running some water over your dentures. That gets all the food debris out so they are completely clean.


Many people assume that dentures do not need care in the same way as regular teeth. It is not true. If you are going to keep those dentures for many years, you must brush them twice a day.

Take them out and gently brush the dentures on every spot in the front and back. It is also a good idea to use some nonabrasive denture cleanser for a quick soaking, as it gets rid of any bacteria that may build up on the surface.

Regular Dentist Visits

The best way to ensure your dentures are in good condition is to visit your dentist every few months. A quick check up helps immensely. The dentist can clean your dentures and the rest of your teeth. They can also assess the dentures to ensure you are still experiencing a good fit.