Common Pests Found Inside Portland Homes

Pests come inside of homes looking for warmth, food, and comfort. It takes very little to make a pest happy, so even the smallest of crumbs can attract them inside if there is an opportunity. Cracks in the home’s foundation provide the perfect entry point when it’s cold outside. What are some of the types of pests that threaten your home?


The most threatening pest out there is the cockroach. The pest commonly makes home in the kitchen but a major infestation may see bugs all over the house. They’ll crawl on you, in your food and inside of appliances. They carry an odor and leave feces behind wherever they go. They also carry disease.


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Ants are annoying pests that come inside of homes searching for food to take back to their colony. They’re especially attracted to sweet foods such as sugar, so be mindful of even morsels that fall onto the counter or the floor. Several ant species may invade the home; some of the species bite.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are not found only in dirty homes. This is a common misconception. Bed bugs are sally carried in from luggage, coats and jackets, etc. They usually lie inside of the bed, mattress, headboards, etc. but can be found anywhere in a home. They bite and cause an allergic reaction to many people, leaving behind huge welts. It is difficult to rid a home of bed bugs. That is why you need a great pest management portland or if you suspect this pest is in your home. Don’t wait to make that call.


Although more of a rodent, mice are commonly found in the home. Mice carry disease that is left behind in feces, which you’ll see all about the home if there are mice. A mouse can enter the home through even the smallest of crevices. It is imperative to maintain a clean, sanitary home to minimize the risks of a mice infestation.